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Why Us?

Why choosing Dubai Trade for your investments

Dubai Trade is one of the few companies that are distinguished by fully understanding the different options of traders, which is cost, speed and safety. To achieve this goal, we have built our team in a way that combines experience and success for the benefit of our customers. Dubai Trade also offers you the best terms and conditions in the stock market. In addition, from the moment of its establishment, Dubai Trade Company was keen to provide the best trading conditions using innovative technologies based on many years of experience. Dubai Trade is an international brokerage firm that provides more than 8 categories of assets and more than 9,400 financial instruments. We are proud of the diversity of services we provide to our clients and partners, which we guarantee will be at the same level of quality regardless of the trader’s experience or the size of his investments.

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Our provided services to our clients

Free trading anytime and anywhere.

Educational videos for new traders.

24/7 technical analysis and support

Open and modify transactions using mobile

Guarantee of obtaining a safe trading experience

Immediate and fast transfer without commission

Receive your card within 15 days of trading

The latest, most Advance and secure platform

we offer you the latest technology that includes a number of platforms so that you can trade wherever you are and at any time.

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Why you should choose Dubai Trade company that wants your investments

In order to enable you to trade and invest, Dubai Trade offers to every trader of any level a wide range of trading platforms for manual and automatic trading. Each platform offers traders an elaborate trading experience with a variety of trading aids, along with various analytical tools, indicators and charts.

Dubai Trade Want also provides you with an ideal trading platform that is best suited to your trading requirements.

We also offer our platforms for free, some of which include advanced and advanced features and different levels of functionality that will provide more options for experienced traders.

The platforms available to us are a bridge that connects us, that is, the broker, and you are the trader. It provides you with live and historical data that is easy to access and is also necessary in order to achieve effective trading.

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Bonus and financial rewards for every deal you open

Offers and rewards

special offers, bonuses and a welcome bonus,  we provide you with everything you need to get a successful, easy and safe trading and examples of services that we do

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Cashback for every transaction you make

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The more you trade, the more you win

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The more trading volume, the more money you will get

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Run the Software directly on your phone

Activate bonus of up to 50% on deposit

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